Rediscover the Joys of Hunting Down That Black Gold – Oil Imperium on the Amiga 500

oil imperium 1At the time of Oil Imperium’s release, there really wasn’t anything similar available on the market. Perhaps riding on the massive popularity of “Dallas” on television, developers at Rainbow Arts set out to deliver the ultimate oil tycoon experience for the home entertainment crowd.

Your objective may originally seem fairly straightforward; you’re an upcoming player in the oil investment business, and your aim is to dominate the industry by becoming virtual equivalent of the largest oil speculator and distributor on the planet. This, of course, means you’ll have to crush your competitors in the financial brawl of claiming prominent clients and company resources. If you so choose, you can approach your business from a traditional, fair-play angle. By lowering prices and offering better services, you’ll ride the wave of untethered capitalism, straight to the top. Obviously, this style of doing things isn’t as easy as taking the more common (and morally dubious) path, but it’s certainly a rewarding feeling to see your company as the big cheese, knowing that all your hard, honest work and labour payed off.

However, even if you start out as a genuine do-gooder, you’ll soon find out the harshness of investing in the oil business. Your competitors often have no problems at all when it comes to using shady practices and outright illegal methods to stop your rise to fame and fortune. We’re talking industrial espionage, sabotaging pipelines and stealing drilling equipment, just to name a few. Oil is money, and money means greed, which can turn the most delicate flower into a Trumpesque goblin. It’s certainly more fun to do business this way, and it also comes with greater earning opportunities. You just need to exercise some caution, because if they catch you, you’ll have to pay the price in the form of hefty fines, or even jail time.

Oil Imperium spans over several decades, with each major move taking up one month of the year, and smaller actions counted as days or weeks. This simple, yet slightly brilliant setup adds an epic feel to the game. Once you decide to finally retire from the oil business (if you get that far), you can look back at all your past achievements with pride, and also take a quick dip in your massive heap of money.

If you choose the single-player campaign, you’ll be competing with 3 computer-controlled rivals. But, as always, the real fun begins by grabbing a couple of pals to play with. That way, you can also team up and scheme together. Or why not go all-out bully and gang up on a single player early on? Each of you will assume the CEO role of a major oil corporation (Transoil, All American, Explora Inc, and Interoil). There are 4 different campaigns, as well:

  • Who will have the most funds and resources after three years?
  • Who will be the first to acquire 80 percent of the global market?
  • Who can first amass 60 million US dollars?
  • Who will be the last man standing?

oil imperium 2


Depending on the chosen campaign, the game’s mechanics will change, adding another welcome touch of realism to this investment simulator. The major goal, however, remains the same. You and your competitors are fighting for control over drilling licenses, tankers and shipping lanes, and oil fields all over the world. Here’s where the game takes a more liberal approach, as the quantities of oil on each continent is random. You might fight a fierce battle for control over the Gulf Region, only to discover that the wells have dried up and that Europe has suddenly become the world’s biggest holder of oil resources.

In order to guarantee success in your financial ventures, each player as access to a set of helpful tools. For example, before you purchase an oil field, you have the option of surveying its potential yield. Drilling can be done by experts, which will cost you more than a pretty penny. Or, you can do it manually, meaning you risk ruining your drill and tainting the well. You’ll always need to be on the lookout for sabotage, because your competitors won’t shy away from setting your fields aflame, sinking your tankers, punching holes in your pipelines to steal your oil, or fidgeting the numbers of your company’s tax records. You can respond in kind or hire a private security firm to keep any industrial shenanigans at bay. You’re probably better off doing both, to be honest.

manual drilling

Oil Imperium is just great fun and a real blast from the past. If you don’t have an Amiga 500 at your disposal, you can download the game and use an emulator for your PC. A sweet little game with potential of much hilarity and dismay, as you try to outwit and destroy each other in the cutthroat world of oil business.

Players Invest Their Money in Gold Bars for Sale to Prepare for the Coming Apocalypse

the coming zombie apocalypse

There’s something horribly fascinating about zombies and the apocalypse. The concept of a horde of mindless, flesh-eating drones has terrified movie-goers and video gamers for decades, and the genre has seen a recent revival the last couple of years, with shows like The Walking Dead and games such as Left 4 Dead, DayZ and 7 Days to Die bringing in millions for producing companies and developers.

To the urban survival/prepper crowd, the doomsday never seems too far off, creating a major demand for survival gear, food supplies and precious commodities on the investment markets. As the U.S. presidential elections draw closer, and with the obvious advantage of Clinton and the Democrats in national statistics and polls, Republicans scramble to prepare for at least another four years of economic recession, famine, pestilence and divine punishment of all kinds. This mentality seems to have rubbed off on the gaming community, with plenty of well-respected players diversifying their dispensable assets in prepper gear and finite products such as fuel and gold bars for sale. If you were to ask the survival gamers about the prospects of society’s future, the response from the majority of them is likely to be dystopian at best. It may seem far-fetched to some financial speculators, but the possibility of an imminent viral outbreak raging through the developing world is not inconceivable by any means. With new, more resistant strands of flu and airborne epidemics on the rise, maybe the zombie apocalypse is lurking right around the corner?

prepper bunker

So how does one prepare for the imminent collapse of society and, ultimately, humanity itself? The most popular answer appears to invest your money in tangible commodities that carry a lasting value. This often means buying precious metals such as gold bars or platinum bullions. The predicted scenario goes as follows: In the early days of a complete societal breakdown, the economic markets will be the first ones to fall. Paper stocks and bonds will become worthless and regular currency will follow shortly after. Governments will try to slow the crash by ramping up the printing process of  paper money, as they always do when the economy starts to head south. It may have some initial dampening benefits, but the rapid inflation will ultimately cause a massive devaluation of the US dollar, which is considered as one of the strongest performing currencies in terms of financial safety. At this point, there’s nothing that can be done except go with the downward spiraling flow, and that means producing even more currency that has no actual value or useful properties. Paper bills and cheap metal coins will be worth nothing to the public, while essential products like food, water, tools, vehicles and equipment will be traded based on a system where rare commodities like gold bars for sale will act as the new currency, backed by their value in terms of historical demand and usefulness.

the financial power of gold

This is why finding gold bars for sale and other rare metals has become all the rage lately. The attractive qualities of gold bars for sale have always ensured a guaranteed value. Put this together with the many advantages of owning a personal supply of gold bars in a post-apocalyptic rebuilding of society, and it becomes apparent how an investment in gold bars is one of the go-to choices for the prepper crowd, which now can count plenty of survival gamers amongst their numbers. In the case of a financial meltdown of global proportions, the price of gold bars for sale will skyrocket beyond measure, making it the universal money standard in economic transactions. Putting up a substantial amount of gold bars for sale is already working as an aggressive way to gain leverage between different countries and private investment parties. Buying gold bars today could possibly be enough to sustain both you and your family in the early end of days, buying you enough time and means to secure your place in whatever economic system that comes next. Why buy gold bars instead of coins, you may ask? After all, coins are easier to carry while you’re running from ravenous hordes and lurking bandits. Well, it has sort of become an ongoing meme amongst survival enthusiasts and apocalypse gamers. No one is really sure how the trend got started, but it could have something to do with the fact that central banks are currently stocking up on gold bars for sale. Once things begin to fall apart, these depositories will be the first to be raided by the public. Having a couple of gold bars for sale may not seem like much in a post-apocalyptic setting, but with the value of physical gold bars expected to rise exponentially over the coming years, one can only imagine how much gold bars for sale would cost when the financial markets collapse. If you look at how the price of gold has risen since the last big market crash, it becomes easy to see how precious gold bars really are for conservative hedge funds and private investors alike.

a secure and golden investment

There are plenty of ways to make a secure investment in a physical gold bar supply. By choosing a trusted gold bar provider that has your investment account backed by actual gold, you’re sure to make the most out of your funds in preparation for the coming disaster. Acquiring a substantial amount of gold bars for sale is a good way to protect yourself from financial doom and despair, and will ensure that you’re starting out the mayhem of the apocalypse from a position of economic strength and security. Even today, hunting down as many gold bars for sale as possible means you’ll be seen as a valued asset if the stock market suddenly breaks down. And even if, by some fortuitous chance, the apocalypse isn’t coming next year or the one after that, your purchased gold bars will still work as an excellent insurance policy of your personal wealth. Gold bars for sale is an investment that is likely to grow exponentially in value over the next decade, as the economic climate is always changes. Printed bills, real estate and company shares may rise and fall on a daily basis, but the economic power of gold bars is clearly here to stay.

Zombies or not, the future state of the economy, combined with volatile global conditions, will continue to see an increased demand for real and rare assets for sale – none more so than physical gold bars. So go ahead, grab your cash and start buying gold bars now, before they run out. Making an investment in gold bars for sale for the future is most likely the safest choice you can make, whatever future we’re talking about.

How the Famicom/NES Revived the Dying Video Games Industry

Back in the early 80’s, console gaming was all but extinct. While arcades were still largely around, the concept of gaming in one’s living room was largely abandoned by companies and developers. Video games were a dying breed. That is, until a Japanese company released what would become the most successful cartridge-based console of its time, and would revolutionize the gaming industry forever. We are, of course, talking about Nintendo Entertainment System, better known as the NES console. Nintendo started out in 1800’s as a small company that was mainly making simple card games for the Japanese market. Under the supervision of CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo saw, in perhaps an inspired moment of foresight, the massive potential of a system that would bring the popular arcade games into the homes of the Japanese population. It was a big risk, one that would either make or break the entire company, and involved a lot of pre-planning and testing. Nintendo had originally planned to release a complete 16-bit PC system with an accompanied keyboard and floppy disk drive, but the design was eventually abandoned in favour of a more compact and cheaper machine that used cartridges instead. This was not just a production cost-based decision, as the executives deemed a more simple, plug-n-play approach would go better with the home audience.


Programmer Masayuki Uemura was the team leader of project GameCom, a name that was later changed to Famicom to give the impression of a family computer system – something everyone could use and enjoy. The first test model was completed in ’82, followed by an extensive programming and fine-tuning process. Because there was no cross-development software available at the time, Nintendo had to create everything from the drawing board to final production. The code for the software was written on an NEC 8001 system, with an added LED grid solely used for graphics design. The games were packaged in cartridges using the same kind of connectors that could be found in the much larger arcade machines. In order to take full advantage of the Famicom’s power, the cartridges required 60 lines of connection. Broken connections were a common fault with the standard arcade systems, prompting Nintendo to produce their own unique line of connectors to prevent any of these issues in their new flagship. The game pad controller was basically nothing more than a straight up copy of the old Game & Watch machines. The original concept was to use the same kind of joystick featured in the arcades, but the idea was scrapped when the developers realized the difficulties of incorporating such relatively large mechanics in a smaller pad. The wear-and-tear of a joystick seemed too much of a gamble, which is why the finished controller came with the simple setup of a D-pad, a Start and Select button, and two game action buttons.

The Famicom was finally released to the public in the summer of 1983 with three available games: Popeye, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. These were nothing but direct arcade game ports and the system had a stumbling period of initial sales, mainly due to a faulty chip set that caused the system to crash on numerous occasions. After a full product recall and a new motherboard design, the Famicom began picking up momentum. Gaining more and more popularity, it ended up become the most sold game console in Japan before the end of ’84.

nes america

With all that success under their belt, it wasn’t long before Nintendo started casting their gazes across the ocean towards the North American market. While the Famicom’s design worked well in Japan, the company deemed it too similar to a child’s toy to appeal to the American consumer. This was in the era of the VHS, with almost every American family owning a VCR system. In an attempt to make the Famicom’s look more “professional”, the console was redesigned to mimic the aesthetics of a VCR, with a bulkier housing and more traditional colour patterns. Also, in what can best be described as an act of inspired lunacy, Nintendo also abandoned the top insertion slot of the Famicom for a press-down slot where the cartridges had to be inserted at an angle and then pressed down in order to activate the connectors. A bold experiment to increase the console’s appeal, but a decision that would later come back to haunt them as the connector pins on the cartridges would eventually bend or break, causing a loading malfunction. The hardcore gamers of the 80’s know exactly what we are talking about.

super mario bros

The redesigned Famicom was introduced to America under the name of NES and had a most impressive lineup of games, including classics such as Duck Hunt, Golf, Ice Climber, Kung Fu, Pinball, Excitebike, Soccer, Tennis, and most importantly, Super Mario Bros. Nintendo’s American campaign was a roaring success, with more than 7 million units sold in 1988. The modest company that started out making card games had come to more or less dominate the gaming industry in both Japan and North America, with Europe to follow soon after.

Of course we now know it didn’t last forever, mostly due to a number of  product delays and some bizarre business decisions. But no one can deny what Nintendo did for video games, creating a legacy that remains strong till this very day.